End of 2015 I quit my job. 10 years I served the company. I decided to pack up my few things and went to Nepal.

I discovered Tibetan Buddhism, trekked around the Mt. Everest for a month, carrying my own backpack and since then I discovered my inner being is nothing, but a solid construction of my own delusions.

In fact “I” fluctuate, ever changing depending on my karmic imprints.

I climbed up to 5600m a few times and experienced perfect peace, bliss and silence.

Now, I do purification practices. Why? Because I need to discover this silence and peace I experienced up the Himalayas inwardly for the sake of all beings. Not looking for the bliss, because I am convinced that deep down we are all happy naturally. My motivation is based on Bodhichitta even if I have no idea what it is.

I always thought I am a decent human being. However watching your mind isn’t a blissful thing to do, but it’s a way of self reflection, which helps to become a better human being.

Namaste 🙏🏻

May my words help others to strive for their limitless positive potential as well. May we all achieve enlightenment quickly and realize Emptiness and Bodhichitta.

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